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Abrasion Arthroplasty

Jagged edges of cartilage in the joint can lead to wear and tear that causes pain, discomfort and inflammation. This may be the result of a genetic condition, injury or illness. Silicon Valley Orthopaedics offers a joint preservation treatment known as abrasion arthroplasty, which can significantly rejuvenate the affected joint.

Arthroplasty is a procedure that deals with the restoration or replacement of a damaged joint. Rather than replacing the joint, abrasion arthroplasty is aimed toward repairing damage. The shape of the cartilage is reformed through the use of a high-speed tool that smooths out the rough edges.

Benefits of Abrasion Arthroplasty

Silicon Valley Orthopaedics offers abrasion arthroplasty as one of many joint preservation treatments. To improve movement and relieve pain in the joint, Dr. Nic Gay or Dr. Masi Reynolds may recommend abrasion arthroplasty if jagged cartilage is interfering with function. The alternative is allowing wear and tear to continue, which could lead to the need for more complex treatments, such as a joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds are experienced orthopedic surgeons who deliver excellent outcomes from abrasion arthroplasty. The first step in receiving effective treatment involves a comprehensive examination at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics in California. If you are a suitable candidate for abrasion arthroplasty, treatment can be completed on an outpatient basis. In most cases, that means going home on the same day.

Joint preservation treatments like abrasion arthroplasty are beneficial in a number of ways. Treatment is typically less expensive, less invasive and results in less pain. You will also recover faster from abrasion arthroplasty than you would from open surgery alternatives.

If you would like to learn more about abrasion arthroplasty at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics, reach out to us for a consultation with Dr. Nic Gay or Dr. Masi Reynolds today.