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Triceps Tendon Tears

If the tendon that connects the muscle to bone at the back of your upper arm is injured, it may result in the tendon tearing. This can be a gradual process or a result of a sudden injury. When the tendon tears, treatment from a specialist orthopedic surgeon is recommended. At Silicon Valley Orthopaedics, we practice a conservative approach to treatment to elbow injuries, when appropriate.

Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds specialize in the treatment of joint injuries, whether resulting from sports or everyday activities. Overuse of the triceps tendon, especially as part of a sports or work activity, can lead to the tendon tearing. In a sudden triceps tear, the usual suspected cause is a sharp twist or the arm straightening suddenly.

Symptoms of Triceps Tendon Tears

You will likely suffer pain and swelling that presents at the back of the upper arm, close to the elbow. Pain may also occur when attempting to straighten or bend the elbow. In a complete triceps tear, there is usually an audible pop. This type of injury is rare, but you should consult with Silicon Valley Orthopaedics for a full examination so you can receive effective treatment.

Discontinue all activities that could exacerbate a triceps tear immediately. The tendon needs to heal, which will likely involve some level of treatment. Stretching and strengthening exercises recommended by Silicon Valley Orthopaedics may help in cases involving minor triceps tears. We can also provide custom orthotics to aid in your recovery.

Surgery to repair a major or complete triceps tear may be necessary. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds are both highly respected and experienced orthopedic surgeons. Your care will be in the best hands possible at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics.

Contact our office today if you are concerned that you have a torn triceps tendon. We can book your assessment right away.