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Shoulder Tendonitis

One of the most important considerations when treating shoulder tendonitis is preventing further damage to affected areas. If you do not give the tendon time to heal, recovery time from shoulder tendonitis can increase from a few weeks to as many as six weeks or longer. Seeking a diagnosis for any shoulder injury from an experienced orthopedic surgeon is also recommended.

Your shoulder pain could be the result of a different type of injury that will remain undiagnosed without a clinical examination. You can take over-the-counter medications to reduce inflammation and pain. However, consulting with Silicon Valley Orthopaedics will allow you to benefit from effective treatment options that are tailored to your specific needs.

Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds have extensive experience in sports injuries and orthopedic surgery, including the treatment of shoulder tendonitis. For specialized care that is effective and affordable, you can rely on the team at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics.

Surgery and Shoulder Tendonitis

We do not typically recommend surgery for shoulder tendonitis at Silicon Valley Orthopedics. If there are other injuries or medical issues at play, surgery may reduce or eliminate symptoms. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds can also perform surgical procedures to repair any damage to the shoulder joint, tendons or ligaments.

Treatment at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics is fully within your control. We believe that patient-guided treatment results in better outcomes that are individualized to the patients’ home and work life. Affordability of treatment is also important to Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds. If you have any concerns about paying for the treatments that you need, our team is happy to work with you to create a suitable treatment plan.

If you are experiencing pain, inflammation or a limited range of movement in your shoulder, make an appointment with Dr. Nic Gay or Dr. Masi Reynolds at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics today.