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Nicolas Gay, MD

Nic Gay, MD, is an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in lower extremity reconstruction and sports medicine. He is the co-founder of Silicon Valley Orthopaedics in the Bay Area of California.

Dr. Gay is an orthopaedic surgeon focusing primarily on hip, knee, and ankle reconstruction and surgical conditions of the leg. He treats all musculoskeletal conditions in both adults and children, focusing on the least invasive methods wherever possible. Dr. Gay takes a comprehensive approach to care by customizing a treatment plan that fits each patient’s lifestyle, work requirements, and family situation.

He performs total joint replacements utilizing ROSA robotic assistance technology. ROSA utilizes three-dimensional technology to optimize the placement of implants and patient anatomy. Dr. Gay still performs all aspects of the surgery directly; he simply uses the ROSA as an assistant to check all pre-operative computer measurements.

Dr. Gay was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated with honors from the University of North Texas. He attended Baylor College of Medicine for his medical degree and completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He completed a fellowship in lower extremity reconstruction under Roger Mann, MD. Dr. Gay serves as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Exercise, Sports & Orthopaedics.

For patients with osteoarthritis, Dr. Gay strives to exhaust conservative measures on all patients, including RICE, therapeutic exercise, and anti-inflammatories. He has trained extensively and regularly performs joint replacement of the hip, knee, and ankle. He performs joint replacement revisions in selected cases.

Many conditions may result from those active in sports and other leisure activities. When pain begins after an injury, Dr. Gay is well-trained in diagnosing and creating a comprehensive treatment plan for sports injuries. He has served as a physician for athletes at numerous colleges and high schools.

Dr. Gay has trained extensively in the care of fractures, trauma, injuries, deformities, and reconstruction. Dr. Gay regularly performs surgeries on serious fractures at the surgery center. He will also discuss the risks and benefits with patients before surgery.

Dr. Gay treats physically active people of all ages, with special emphasis on degenerative conditions and acute injuries. Dr. Gay and his staff work together with regional therapists, other orthopaedic surgeons, and pain specialists to provide a continuum of care. His entire team is fully committed to the success and happiness of each patient. When Dr. Gay is not seeing patients, he spends time with his wife, Alana, and son, Ty.