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Elbow Bursitis (Olecranon Bone) Treatment

If you are suffering from pain and swelling that is at the back of the elbow, you may have a common condition called elbow bursitis. In most cases, conservative treatments are effective in addressing the elbow condition. However, if the bursae are infected or the condition is considered chronic, more invasive measures are often necessary.

Rest, elbow compression and medications are just some of the conservative approaches to treating elbow bursitis. In the first instance, you should arrange an examination with an experienced orthopedic surgeon to confirm the diagnosis of the condition. Silicon Valley Orthopaedics provides a comprehensive exam at our practice in California.

Draining the bursa is a procedure used in chronic cases. This approach is also useful in determining the presence of underlying issues such as gout, as Silicon Valley Orthopaedics can send the removed fluid for analysis. Cortisone injections may be used in combination with the draining of the bursa. This works to suppress inflammatory responses to prevent further occurrences of elbow bursitis.

Surgical procedures are a last resort to remove the bursa sac. In the case of infected bursae, fluid is repeatedly removed in combination with antibiotic treatment. Your doctor may also recommend surgery, depending on the severity of the infection and any other relevant factors.

Specialist Orthopedic Diagnosis of Elbow Bursitis

Due to the risk of infection, seeking diagnosis when you experience the symptoms of elbow bursitis is crucial. Silicon Valley Orthopaedics can provide an affordable treatment plan to relieve and prevent pain from coming back. Our team also offers excellence in aftercare education and follow-up treatment when needed.

To learn more about the risks associated with elbow bursitis and treatment options from Silicon Valley Orthopaedics, contact our practice today. We can book an examination with Dr. Nic Gay or Dr. Masi Reynolds at your earliest convenience.

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