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Labral Tears


  Medically reviewed by board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Nic Gay, MD and Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds, MD

Shoulder Labral Tears

The labrum is made up of rubbery tissue known as fibrocartilage. The tissue is located on the rim of the shoulder socket and is responsible for keeping the ball of the joint in position. Damage to this cartilage is referred to as a labral tear. You may suffer a labral tear due to shoulder injury or an accident. However, wear and tear can also occur with age.

Diagnosing a labral tear is a difficult process if your doctor does not have relevant experience and expertise. An orthopedic surgeon may order x-rays and an MRI to get a clearer picture of the shoulder joint and surrounding structures. In cases where a diagnosis cannot be confirmed with imaging tests, arthroscopy is an effective procedure to determine if a labral tear has occurred.

The severity of a labral tear will dictate the treatment path taken at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics. Conservative care for a labral tear may include resting the limb, physical therapy and exercises to ease symptoms. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds prefer to avoid surgical procedures unless they are absolutely necessary.

Labral Tear Orthopedic Specialists

It is well established that labral tears are difficult to diagnose, which inevitably leads to many patients receiving ineffective treatment. There is also a concern that misdiagnosis may result in wear and tear going undetected. At Silicon Valley Orthopaedics, Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds draw from a wealth of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery knowledge. We provide a comprehensive clinical examination that will confirm or rule out a labral tear.

Our goal is to establish the cause of your pain, inflammation or movement limitations. All treatments for labral tears at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics are patient guided. Playing an active role in your recovery can improve outcomes from treatment. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds and their approach to labral tear treatment, book an appointment today.

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