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Meniscus Tears Treatment in the Bay Area

Are you looking for effective meniscus tear treatment in the Bay Area? If you suspect that you have suffered a meniscus tear, avoid putting weight on the affected limb. It is important to rest the knee and cease any activities that cause knee pain in or around the joint. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds recommend using ice to reduce swelling and pain symptoms. You should also use support, like a crutch, to help the injured limb bear weight.

A compress may help to reduce inflammation from a meniscus tear. Keep the knee elevated whenever possible to aid in the reduction of swelling. It may take approximately eight weeks for a meniscus tear to fully heal. However, it is important to seek an examination, as the injury may require surgery.

The meniscus plays an essential role in dispersing forces across the knee. These forces are created when walking, running or jumping. A meniscus tear may result from sporting activities or natural deterioration that is associated with age.

Orthopedic Examination for Meniscus Tears

The meniscus may heal sufficiently without surgical intervention. However, seeking an examination from an orthopedic surgeon is recommended. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds have considerable experience treating sports injuries, including meniscus tears. You can attend Silicon Valley Orthopaedics in the Bay Area for a consultation and appropriate treatment, which may include surgical options.

If you have a history of painful twisting, locking of the knee or an audible popping sound when the knee is flexed, it may indicate a meniscus tear. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds can confirm the injury through a clinical examination. They will recommend any necessary treatment at their Bay Area practice.

Book an appointment at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics if you are experiencing symptoms of a potential meniscus tear. Treatment can greatly increase recovery outcomes and effective healing. Your treatment plan may include recommended exercise, physical therapy and surgery, depending on the severity of the injury.

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