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Limb Lengthening Surgery

SVO is one of the few west coast practices offering this procedure.

“Lengthening is a journey that we go on together. Due to new technology, we can lengthen bones completely inside the body. No external hardware is required. Patients can walk again within a few days of surgery, making our journey together much more enjoyable than in the past.”
Nic Gay MD

Would increasing your height boost your self-confidence? Many people with shorter stature dream of being taller, and now, that dream can become a reality. Limb lengthening surgery is available at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics in Fremont, CA, performed by our experienced orthopedic surgical team.

Dr. Nic Gay ranks among the top orthopedic surgeons and one of the few orthopedic practices to offer elective limb lengthening surgery. This orthopedic procedure can be life-changing for those who feel their height is holding them back in their personal or professional life. Using the most advanced medical technology and techniques, the orthopedic team at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics can help achieve up to 3 inches of added height using minimally-invasive procedures. This procedure can help our patients achieve their goals – we call it Reach New Heights, as it does exactly that for our patients.

Increase Your Height With The Most Advanced Technology

Elective bilateral femur lengthening is a complex cosmetic procedure that can add 3 inches to your height. There are a select few orthopedic surgeons that offer this elective procedure and have the experience needed to accomplish excellent results. Dr. Gay at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics utilizes the most advanced medical technology and cutting-edge techniques to accomplish stunning results with our Reach New Heights limb lengthening surgery program.

Elective Bilateral Femur Lengthening

Reach New Heights is an elective, cosmetic procedure that can add inches to your overall height. Elective bilateral femur lengthening is used to extend the length of the upper leg bone, creating the added overall height. This procedure requires a 1-inch incision to access the femur and place an internal lengthening device on the bone that will slowly expand the length of the femur.

To create additional femur length and added height, both femurs must be lengthened at the same time and at the same rate. To do this, the femur is cut, and a lengthening device is inserted into the bone. As the bone heals, it creates new bone to fill the gap between the ends the femur through the lengthening region. The lengthening device slowly pulls the ends apart, creating a larger gap to be filled with new bone. After the initial surgery, lengthening is completed four times daily outside the skin using magnets with an external remote control in your own home. The lengthening occurs at a rate of about 1 mm per day until the desired length is reached.

Credit: Nuvasive OrthopaedicsCredit: Nuvasive Orthopaedics

After the surgery is performed, the lengthening phase and physical therapy begins. Patients can perform this part of the process at home and under the guidance of a physical therapist, with ongoing visits to the clinic to check on the progress every few weeks until completion. Most limb lengthening phases are completed in 3 to 5 months, and the lengthening is virtually pain-free once lengthening is complete. Patients do require pain control while lengthening is occurring. Physical therapy can continue for one to two years as needed.

Femur Bone Structure

Femur Bone Structure

Bone Remodeling

Bone Remodeling

Are You a Candidate for Reach New Heights?

The ideal candidate for Reach New Heights bilateral femur lengthening is a healthy, non-smoking young adult that has finished growing. All patients must be over age 18. Dr. Gay starts by scheduling a consultation to discuss the procedure with a potential patient. To determine if you are a good candidate, Dr. Gay will want to examine your medical history and health, as well as discuss the reasons for wanting to increase your height. Together, you and our surgeons determine if Reach New Heights is the right procedure for you.

If you are interested in learning more about elective bilateral femur lengthening to add 3 inches to your height, contact us at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics in Fremont, CA. We welcome patients from all over the world that want to explore limb lengthening options through orthopedic surgery. We have special accommodations that can be arranged for your stay in the bay area. Call us today at 888-444-1599 or just click below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the procedure cost?
  • Femoral Lengthening costs $100,000 for both sides: includes all implants, OR time, anesthesia, xrays and clinic visits.
  • Tibial Lengthening costs $100,000 for both sides: includes all implants, OR time, anesthesia, xrays and clinic visits.
  • If muscle releases such as IT band, gastrocnemius or hamstrings as well as nail removal (which may be done electively 2 years after initial procedure) are additional costs if performed.
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How much height can be gained?
The femur can be lengthened 3 inches over about 3 months. The tibia can later be lengthened 2 inches over 3 months. Stretching is required throughout and tendon releases may be required if stretching alone is inadequate.
How long has the procedure been around?
The procedure for femoral nail insertion has been regularly used to fix femur fractures for the past 4 decades. Dr. Gay has been performing the procedure for 15 years.
Why is this now possible?
New technology allows the lengthening device to now be completely internal. The nail is slowly lengthened using a magnetic lengthening device at 1mm per day. The new design and metal of the device allows for weight bearing during lengthening.
How big are the incisions?
A 1 inch incision is made just above the hip with three smaller 1 cm incisions on the lateral aspect of the leg.
Can I walk after surgery?
Yes. Crutches will be used for comfort and for partial weight bearing for the first few days. Full weight bearing can be expected within a few days of surgery.
How long does the surgery take?
Actually procedure takes about an hour, or about 30 minutes per side. The total time at the surgery center will be roughly 3 hours.
Where is the surgery performed?
The surgery can be performed at one of our surgery centers or a local hospital. This will be decided by the patient and Dr. Gay based on patient needs.
How long should I plan to be in the silicon area?
At least one week for proper followup and training. This can be adjusted based on travel requirements and decided between Dr. Gay and patient.
What preop evaluations are required?
An in-person visit with Dr. Gay is required before selecting a date for surgery. We will do measurable X-rays, discuss the surgery and answer all questions. Dr. Gay also requires a phone call directly with the physical therapist who will be working with you after surgery.
What is required postop?
At least 1 visit with Dr. Gay is required postop to make followup plans and ensure the patient understands all posted protocols.
Will I have pain after?
Pain is expected to be minimal due to the small incisions and stability of the construct after surgery. The magnetic lengthening sessions performed 4 times daily at home do not cause pain.
What do I have to do before surgery?
A program of stretching the hamstrings, quadriceps and IT band is required on a daily basis for 3 months prior to surgery. Dr. Gay will explain this and confirm compliance prior to surgery.
What do I have to do after surgery?
Continued stretching is required for 3 months or more after surgery. Dr. Gay will assess this for each patient and confirm compliance.
How do I find a physical therapist?
We will help you select the appropriate physical therapist for your visits after surgery. Dr. Gay will speak to and correspond with them directly after surgery.
Do I need to bring any xrays or imaging?
If you have had any previous imaging please bring it with you to your first appointment. Regardless X-rays will be required in the office on first visit for proper measuring and surgical planning.
How do I begin the process?
Call us today at 888-444-1599.

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Silicon Valley Orthopedics Offers Cutting-Edge Limb Lengthening Surgery

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