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  Medically reviewed by board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Nic Gay, MD and Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds, MD

Metatarsalgia Treatment

It is important to receive an accurate diagnosis of metatarsalgia. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds are committed to identifying the exact source of your foot pain. A diagnosis involves answering a number of questions and a physical examination. During the exam, you will be asked to sit and stand so your doctor may assess the affected foot.

To determine whether the source of your pain is an injury, such as a stress fracture, you may require an x-ray. We will always seek to determine the cause of pain that indicates metatarsalgia. However, the pain may stem from other issues. Effective treatment can only be delivered when a correct diagnosis is achieved.

Treatment may involve a conservative approach, where resting and changing shoes is encouraged. You could also need to use metatarsal pads to relieve pain and discomfort. In some cases, surgery is necessary when there is a secondary orthopedic problem contributing to prolonged pain from metatarsalgia.

Metatarsalgia Diagnosis

There are a number of key questions that Dr. Nic Gay or Dr. Masi Reynolds may ask you in order to diagnose metatarsalgia. A list of symptoms and when they first presented is helpful in identifying the source of your pain. Your doctor will want to know if you participate in sports or similar activities.

You will also be asked about footwear and other aspects of your personal and working life. Although these questions may seem intrusive, they are crucial in identifying what is causing you pain and discomfort. Make sure to come to your appointment at Silicon Valley Orthopaedics with your answers prepared. This will help speed up the diagnosis process and get you the treatment you need.

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