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Limb Lengthening: Growing Up a Little More

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There is a lot to be said for being taller. In fact, research has shown that there are many benefits of being a tall person. Until fairly recently, if life dealt you the short card, you were stuck with it. Now, thanks to amazing medical and technical advancements, your dream of being taller may become reality. Limb lengthening surgery is performed by our highly skilled orthopedic surgical team, and an add as much as five inches to your stature.

The Real Advantages of Being Taller

There are some compelling reasons why a person may want to become taller. For those who are taller naturally, the benefits are both real and perceived. There are advantages health wise as well as in general.

In one study of over 150,000 people, taller people reported better health than shorter people. The study also showed that if married, the wives of taller men also reported better health than that of their shorter counterparts. Tall people may be at more risk for an irregular heartbeat, but they are also less susceptible to congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease.

Another study revealed that tall individuals seem to have more positive emotions and they are happier people. Since happiness is contagious, people around them are happier, too.

A seven-year study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that being tall has advantages in the work environment; taller people were more inclined to be more productive at work. That may also explain why taller people also tend to earn more and be more successful at work. The average CEO is usually tall and of the Fortune 500 CEOs, Bloomberg reported that nearly half are at least three inches taller than other males in less prominent positions.

There are many advantages to being a taller person for males and females. Taller people are more likely to be perceived as successful and indeed, many of them are quite successful in and out of the boardroom. No wonder they seem more confident. And let us not forget about being able to easily reach those top shelves. That is a very good reason for desiring to be taller!

Adding Height Naturally

Women desiring to be taller often wear high heels. This adds height, but it also adds strain to the back, legs and feet. Men often use lifts to help with height issues. Unfortunately, lifts can only help so much, and they do nothing to change your natural height. Limb lengthening can give you the height you desire permanently. With this process, you are taller, even when standing barefoot.

This revolutionary procedure is an elective bilateral surgery that extends the length of your upper leg bones up to five inches. Arthroscopic surgery is used to perform this procedure, which places an internal lengthening device on the femur bone. This device slowly expands the length of the bone.

The process involves cutting the femur bone and placing the lengthening device into the bone. The resulting gap is filled with new bone as the bone heals. The device slowly pulls the ends of the bones apart and the process of healing and generating new bone continues until the desired height is reached. Bone growth is expected to be approximately 1mm each day.

Reach New Heights

This limb lengthening surgery is brought to you by Silicon Valley Orthopaedics in Fremont, CA, and is performed by our highly skilled orthopedic surgical team. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds are among an elite group of orthopedic surgeons who offer elective limb lengthening surgery. At Silicon Valley Orthopaedics, we call this procedure Reach New Heights. This complex procedure is offered by very few orthopedic surgeons and we are proud to have two of them here. Dr. Gay and Dr. Reynolds have the experience required to successfully complete the procedure with excellent results.

Find out more about Reach New Heights when you call to schedule your consultation appointment. Make that call today and soon you can discover the advantages of being a taller person.

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